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Lisa offers various types of sessions and consultations for you to choose from.

You can book a session/consultation for in-person or online. 

All online sessions/consultations will be via Zoom (video platform).  The sessions are like an energetic reading into your space and life.

Once you have booked, you’ll receive all the details. All zoom sessions/consultations are recorded for you.

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Creating Conscious Spaces® Sessions/Consultations

Your spaces reflect you and your life. What do you desire to create as your life that your spaces can contribute to?

Book with Lisa today to shift and change what is not working and begin to receive the contribution your spaces can be for you.

Space Design Sessions/Consultations – Business or Residential

Are your spaces asking for design loving? What would adding Lisa’s design techniques and touches create for your space and your life?

Book with Lisa today and create beyond the status quo to having a space that is living, breathing and changing to match the life you desire.

Private Coaching Sessions

What is it that you’ve always known should be possible that you’ve never been able to find?

Lisa offers a different point of view about life that supports you to change anything you have not been able to change and create everything you desire in a different and easier way.

Book with Lisa today and discover your new life.