Jun 15, 2019 - Jun 16, 2019
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Welcome to Design Your Life – Creating Conscious Spaces™ Advanced Class

Two Day Class

PRICE $1,500 USD

Join Lisa Benitz, The Space WhispererTM, as she takes you deeper into your capacities with spaces. In this class you will explore how spaces communicate with you and how you communicate with any space. You will also come to recognize what they are showing you!Now that you have roused your capacity for Creating Conscious Spaces™ are you ready to take Spaces to the next level of creation? If what you have learned so far has left you even more curious about the contribution spaces can be for you, and you for them, you won’t want to miss it!

This advanced class of Creating Conscious Spaces™ is the class that will have you listening to your inner knowing of what spaces are actually saying. You will be given more tools, techniques to awaken more of your gifts of listening to the energy of each space you walk into daily as well as begin to bring this gift into your workplace and career. Here is where your capacities with spaces become automatic and natural again.

In this class we come together as part of a growing community of people who are choosing to be more aware with their hidden talents with all Spaces.

This advanced interactive workshop will offer you:

Advanced tools/techniques that you will take with you into your daily life and apply right away.
A deeper awareness of your physical/personal spaces.
Group work with guided facilitation.
An Advanced Interactive PLAYBOOK that you will continue to use after the class.
A Certificate of Completion


Design Your Life – Creating Conscious Spaces™ class
A willingness to have fun and to be constantly curious
Not only will you visually see changes, but the energetic shifts will be palpable and they’ll resonate through every area of your life. Everything you learn in this class will strengthen your awareness with energies and leave you excited to practice and play with them going forward.

Are you ready to continue on with this amazing journey of including all spaces into your creations and expand your life beyond what you imagined was possible?

Investment in YOU: $1,500 USD


创造意识的空间 进阶课,中国广州 6月15-16日

欢迎来到:设计你的生命 · 创建有意识的空间? (进阶课 两天)


加入空间私语者Lisa Benitz的课堂,她将带你更深地探索你在空间方面的能力。在这门课中你将发现空间是如何与你交流的,也将学习如何与一切空间交流。你也会从中认出空间在向你昭示什么!














对你的投资: $1,500 美国美元