Aug 26, 2020 - Aug 26, 2020
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Welcome to the 7th Worldwide Event ~ Heal the World One Space At A Time ~ | August 26, 2020

One Hour Meditation


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Hello my friends once again, who knew that this event would become a monthly event “Heal the World One Space At A Time”, for the 7th month in a row!

The number of people in the world continues to increase with wanting to change the energy from the space of their homes. Many are feeling frustrated and perhaps alone and not sure of what they can possibly contribute.

I can tell you the more people who join together and see that there is value in believing that we can collectively change our energetic environments, the sooner it will have a domino effect of healing worldwide. Isn’t that what we are all requiring right now? More positivity, more collaboration and connection towards healing?

From a space of reflection, I find myself every time I walk and go out in nature that we as people living on planet earth can and do make a difference. The more we choose peace, love, gratitude and kindness towards each other and our spaces the faster the healing is for us all!

Our spaces are truly a reflection of what you think, feel and speak about each and every day. Is it time to change the dialogue to one of healing?

I invite you once again to continue to be a part of the solution. This is not the time to sit back and hope, wish and say others should do this and that…’s time for you to step up and lean into even more contribution.

Again from the comfort of your home/space we invite you to find a comfy spot to sit, drink tea, water, coffee or your favourite beverage and listen and receive.

You are a part of this free worldwide movement and we would love for you to invite others to listen in.

Come and be a part of the “Heal the World One Space at a Time” on July 22nd.

Investment in YOU: $0 USD and one hour of your time

Find a comfy spot to sit, listen and be present in your space while we collectively shift the energy.

Let’s all continue to be a part of the solution from the comfort of your home! Big hugs to you and your space ~ Lisa

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