Jun 27, 2019 - Jun 28, 2019
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Welcome to Design Your Life – Creating Conscious Spaces™ Intro Class

Two Day Class

PRICE $1,020 USD
Approximate Price: $1,400 CAD

Creating Conscious Spaces™ Intro is the course that invites you into your capacities with all spaces around the world. This introductory course will first have you connect with your personal spaces and unravel every judgment, conclusion, and decision you have made about how to be with spaces, how to design, how to decorate and where you should live. When we speak of spaces in this course, we are including, homes (whether a house, apartment, townhome, condo, trailer, camper), vehicles, buses, trains, planes, businesses and anything else you can imagine.

Many of us have inherited points of view from our upbringing – parents, grandparents, teachers  – and studies, of what is correct and considered right within our spaces. In this course and through the gift of spaces, you will:

  • Discover your core beliefs
  • Unravel anything solid or stuck, known or unknown
  • Clear anything that no longer works for you
  • Begin connecting with what it is you truly desire in all aspects of your life: personal relationships, health, body, money, business, creative flow, and so much more.

For the first time in a long time, you will be allowed to see your capacities, that you may have considered faults, which actually are your strength. You will begin to embrace your strength and recognize the places and things that will add to the joy and happiness in your life.

You see, our spaces are a reflection of what it is that is actually going on in our lives. So once we acknowledge that with and through our spaces we can actually receive everything we have ever desired.

Let’s just say this is your jump start to a whole new you! Are you ready….let’s go!

These are the things we will explore during this course:

Getting Started
The Unraveling
What Do You Desire in your Life

Playtime With Your Spaces
Playtime With Your Spaces
Playtime With Your Internal Spaces
Playtime With Your External Spaces

Exploring Other Spaces
Your Body As Your Space
Pets and Other Space
Children and Space

Other Aspect of Spaces
Honouring of the Space – Geopathic Stress/Entity
Colours and Culture

Creating Beyond
Where are you Today?
Hidden Blockages
Clearing Physical & Mental Clutter
Your Life Moving Forward

Investment in YOU: $1,400Cdn