Jul 27, 2019 - Jul 27, 2019
7pm - 10pm MST
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Kids and Spaces Taster

Welcome to Design Your Life – Creating Conscious Spaces™ Taster Class

Three Hour Class


How many of you have acknowledged the value of your children with their awareness of their spaces?

Do you have children who have difficultly concentrating, sleeping or seem to always get frustrated when they get home? What if you were given tools to assist you with understanding how to communicate with their space and ask them questions of what would make their life more fun and easy?

Your kids have a way of letting you know with their behaviour of what it is they are sensing within their space. Once their voice is heard you can create much more ease and fun for your whole family.

Would inviting them and yourselves to a class be the solution that you have been seeking for the betterment of your life and their life?

This class is one of the many classes from the library of Creating Conscious Spaces™ . This will give you and your family some wonderful new ways to shift the energy within your space.

Join us for this interactive fun, and actionable way to create instant change.

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Looking forward to seeing you soon!
(This class is Translated from English into Chinese)
Hosts: Sona Lan & Tobey Lau
Translators: Sona & Yolanda





本课程是Creating Conscious Spaces™库中的众多课程之一。这将为您和您的家人提供一些在您的空间内转移能量的奇妙新方法。



Investment in YOU: $350 USD