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Creating Conscious Spaces™

Creating Conscious Spaces™ is a set of techniques, tools, and systems for you to access your capacities with spaces, around you and beyond.

In today’s world, we are losing our connection with ourselves, our spaces and what we know. Creating Conscious Spaces invites you to become more present with all of life and beyond, through workshops, classes, and private sessions. What would the world be like if we were conscious of the choices that we have in being, engaging and creating with spaces and the nurturing they can truly provide.

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Lisa Benitz

Internationally renowned Space Whisperer™, Lisa Benitz is the Founder and Creator of ‘Creating Conscious Spaces™.’ Lisa is changing the world one space at a time.

Lisa conducts workshops all over the world. Lisa inspires and facilitates people to access their capacities with spaces whilst creating the change in their lives. She teaches her students how to do that by utilizing a valuable mixture of experience, awareness, humor and proven practical techniques.

From an early age, Lisa began to realize her capacities with spaces, architecture, interiors, gardens, and antiques. These capacities were further encouraged by her father in their highly sought after family antique business in Ontario, Canada. Lisa’s curiosity for more led her to becoming an Interior and Exterior Space Specialist, Feng Shui Master, Geomancer, Empowerment Coach, Author, Speaker, and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator®.

Lisa is a Radio Personality, with her own show called – Infinite Energies. Lisa is an international speaker, travelling the world with a wide range of topics that contribute globally.  Lisa has a natural ability to connect with all cultures, with everyone.

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CCS Curriculum

Creating Conscious Spaces™ Taster

Creating Conscious Spaces™ Taster is an introductory course of up to 4 hours, giving you a taste of CCS. Various topics invite you to know how spaces can contribute to you, your life, your relationship, your money and business. More

Creating Conscious Spaces™ Introductory Course

Creating Conscious Spaces™ Introductory course invites you into your capacities with all spaces around the world. Lisa will first have you connect with your personal spaces and unravel every judgement, conclusion, and decision you have made about how to be with spaces, how to design, how to decorate and where you should live. The spaces include your homes (whether a house, apartment, town home, condo, trailer, camper), vehicles, buses, trains, planes, businesses and anything else you can imagine. More

Creating Conscious Spaces™ Advanced

Creating Conscious Spaces™ Advanced course invites you into even more of your capacities working with all spaces around the world. The advanced course is a continuation of not only connecting with your own personal spaces, but others as well. This class will have you acknowledging how you have always had a knowing around the energy of Spaces.

We will continue to unravel the deep seated judgement, conclusions, and decisions you have made about how to be with ALL spaces: how to design, how to decorate and where you or your clients live.

This course is for those that wish to either add this to an existing business with spaces, i.e. realtors, designers, architects, gallery owners, stagers, decorators, contractors as well as anyone who simply desires a greater awakening of their capacities with spaces. More

This class is the pre-req for the Creating Conscious Spaces Facilitator Class.