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Creating Conscious Spaces®

Creating Conscious Spaces® is a set of techniques, tools, and systems for you to access your capacities with spaces, around you and beyond.

In today’s world, we are losing our connection with ourselves, our spaces and what we know. Creating Conscious Spaces invites you to become more present with all of life and beyond, through workshops, classes, and private sessions. What would the world be like if we were conscious of the choices that we have in being, engaging and creating with spaces and the nurturing they can truly provide.

Lisa Benitz

Lisa Benitz, is known as the Space Whisperer™, and Founder of Creating Conscious Spaces® the master program, combining her love of, interiors, exteriors, architecture, antiques, geomancy, Vatsu, dowsing, Feng Shui and intuition. This transformative program attracts clients from all over the world who are willing to live a more balanced, happy, abundant life.

As a young child, Lisa remembers walking into a space, getting an energetic read on what was missing, and required for the homeowner. Over the years she has fine tuned this gift by utilizing her strong intuitive abilities with clients all over the world live or via zoom connecting with their space. From flying around the world to facilitate workshops, and speak at events, Lisa in 2020 turned her life’s work online in order to touch a broader audience of clients like yourself.

Welcome to the exclusive program, Creating Conscious Spaces®  taught online with weekly coaching and receiving lifetime access. Her mission is to empower YOU with one of the most transformative programs and get you on track to create a life of joy and abundance by using your space to get there.

Are you ready to start your journey today?