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Creating Conscious Spaces®

Creating Conscious Spaces® is a set of techniques, tools, and systems for you to access your capacities with spaces, around you and beyond. In today's world, we are losing our connection with ourselves, our spaces and what we know. Creating Conscious Spaces® invites you to become more present with all of life and beyond, through workshops, classes, and private sessions. What would the world be like if we were conscious of the choices that we have in being, engaging and creating with spaces and the nurturing they can truly provide.

Lisa Benitz, Space Whisperer™

Lisa is an international speaker, travelling the world speaking about a wide range of topics that include how your space impacts various areas of your life. With a natural ability to connect with a global audience, she has been warmly welcomed throughout the world.

As a long time Radio Personality, with over 300+ weekly shows, called – Inifinite Energies with Lisa , streamed on over 100 platforms, several TV interviews, invited to speak at bLU Talks, and Sushant University, School of Architecture.

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