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关系、伴侣关系以及与你的能量 ~ Relationships, Partnerships & the Energies

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关系、伴侣关系以及与你的能量 ~ Relationships, Partnerships & the Energies with You

你是否一直想要一段美好的关系?你是否已经尝试过在线约会,快速约会,朋友介绍,盲目约会以及去到那些你期望会遇见合适的人的地方?如果你开始审视你的环境是如何在你的生活中影响了你的拥有或缺失,你是否愿意以全新的方式看待事物呢?你准备好改变一切并尝试一些完全超越盒子的事物吗? 我们邀请你参加这个关于你的有趣的互动课程,邀请你未来的关系参与进你的人生。无论是你渴望拥有新的关系,或者已经在关系中,这门课都会让你在关系这方面更加受益。对于那些已经处于恋爱关系中的人来说,你是否愿意重新点燃激情和玩乐,从而创造一个更加趣味盎然的未来呢?快来加入我们12

So you’ve been wanting a relationship that works. For those already in a relationship ~ would you love to re-ignite the passion and play that would create a more playful future? Single - you’ve tried everything from on-line dating, speed dating, being fixed up by friends, blind dates and going to places that you expect to meet that right person. What if you began to look at how your environment effects what you have or not have brought into your life? Are you willing to see things in a whole new way? Are you ready to change things up and try something completely outside of the box?

We are inviting you to this fun, interactive class about you and inviting a future relationship into your life…..

Included - 90 minute call

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