RealEstate POP UP Call - 购买房子/企业 - BUYING HOUSES - English & 中文

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Lisa Benitz教授创造意识的空间






• 实操练习手册
• 可立即应用的工具
• 摒弃旧有的不再有效的购买方式
• 学习新的购买方式
• 音频
• 视频

“我发现自己使用的工具是可以共享的,一年后当我想买房的时候正好用上了。当我准备买房子的时候,24小时内,我就在我想要住的地方找到了我的家。那天晚上,我们是第一个看到并买下房子的人。那是最佳的结果,性价比很高,还包括了我清单上所罗列的一切!太神奇了,就那么轻而易举!” —L.B.


RealEstate ~ Buying Houses/Business
Creating Conscious Spaces™ with Lisa Benitz

Changing the World One Space at a Time™

Quick Viewings * Faster Purchase * More Savings

This 3 hour class creates a space for you to learn more about what is required for you to buy your future house/business in a way that you may have never imagined or experienced.

In this class you will discover what is possible for you and your home or business to find a space that will be in alignment with everything you are desiring for the future. What if buying could be fun and easy.

In this 3 hour interactive class you will receive the following:

• Playbook for hands-on exercises
• Tools that can be applied right away
• Releasing the old ways of buying that no longer work
• Learning new ways of buying
• Audio recording
• Visual recording

“I found myself using the tools that were shared, applicable for when I wanted to buy a year later. And when I was ready to buy, the home literally came to me within 24 hours, in the location I wanted to live in. We were the first one in to view and bought the home that night. Best possible scenario as it was a great price and everything I had on my list was there! Amazing and it was so easy!” L.B.

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